Tuesday, 11 October 2011

[Review] B&C Labs: Mikan-chan Tangerine Hand Cream

I'm a sucker for cute packaging. And hand creams.

And what cuter packaging could there be, if not for fruit containers?! Featuring B&C Laboratories' hand creams!

[Note: these are not to be confused with the B&C Labs lip balm pots, which look like an exact replica of these fruity hand creams, except slightly smaller.]

Mandarin in front; Peach at the back. Cute, right?

B&C Laboratories is a Japanese drugstore brand which I haven't had the opportunity to fully try out yet, purely because I haven't seen it around! These particular creams were purchased from a drugstore in Taiwan. I'll be focusing on Mikan-chan, the Tangerine-flavored (Mandarin?) hand cream. This product contains both tangerine extract and hyaluronic acid.

The jar is somewhat deceiving - there's not that much inside. But it's so cute, how to fault it!?

As is readily apparent, packaging is in a cute, dimpled mandarin jar with a screw-top lid. The jar really doesn't hold much product, but once you've finished the hand cream, the jar is a great size to store other moisturizers. I've already used the Peach jar (pictured above) to store another hand cream which was in an extremely unportable size, and it's great for just slipping into a bag.

Wow please disregard veins, leathery skin and color imperfection

I never sit still enough to tolerate oily or sticky hand creams (I'm always off typing, texting, or writing something), but this light and fluffy creme consistency is easily spreadable and absorbed by my skin, resulting in smoooooooth palms. However, it's definitely not an intensive moisture treatment - it's not very effective in locking in moisture for, say, overnight treatment. But say, if you've just washed a frillion plates with bleach-scented dishwashing liquid, then this cream will certainly soften your parched palms, with a nice scent to boot.

I'm slightly addicted to the tangerine scent - it's doesn't have that typical sweet-smelling perfume, but still a citrus-y feel. I think the scent actually lingers for longer than the actual moisturizing effect does, which is a little bit of a letdown.

Price: approx AUD$8-10 in Taiwan (but I've seen it occasionally on ebay and online stores for less!)
Size: 30g

Korean brand TonyMoly produce products that are visually almost IDENTICAL - the Tangerine whitening hand cream and a Peach version. Now I'm not sure whether the B&C Labs product has other added skincare benefits like whitening, but when I finish this product, I'm keen to try the TonyMoly as a comparison.


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