Saturday, 15 October 2011

[Review] OPI: Simmer and Shimmer

Glitter polishes are something I truly adore. Almost nothing is too OTT when it comes to glitter - the more opaque the better. And I'm always on the lookout for more.

After a miserable week in which I googled the death out of every OPI glitter that is in existence, H (most patient and longsuffering of friends) gifted me with OPI: Simmer and Shimmer, from the Burlesque collection.

Although I didn't think much of the movie, one coat of this was enough to satisfy all the glitter cravings I had built up in the past week. RELIEF! Swatch NOW.

Natural lighting

I first started off with a really dark inky-blue base just to save on polish and also to make the glitter pop. Personally I found that pure black base colors don't match Simmer and Shimmer as well as this blue. For references' sake, I used Caronia's Blue Satin (Caronia is a very popular brand of nail polish in the Philippines), which is really like a dupe for Revlon's Midnight Affair.

Although it's classed as a shimmer, the delicious shimmer shows up more clearly in sunlight - under natural lighting, it becomes more like a creme. Dark and gorgeous, it is THE perfect almost-black-but-not-goth color. But I digress.

Caronia; Blue Satin - about P30 from memory?

I'm not sure whether is was because I used a dark base, but Simmer and Shimmer already packs a glitter-filled punch with just one coat.

Simmer and Shimmer, one coat in sunlight
Despite the less-than-ideal picture quality, it's apparent that the dominant glit color in the mixture is a sharp, piquant turquoise. Helping the shine along is a good quantity of gold and silver glitter, accentuated with a tiny bit of copper to give it some depth. The mixture is generous with the glitter particles, which are all small and similarly sized. The overall effect is a very cool, silvery blue, yet enough gold to maintain an interesting dimension.

Definitely needs a topcoat though - dried glitter is rough and I can foresee it snagging all kinds of dirt.


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