Monday, 10 October 2011

[Review] Clinique: Turnaround 15-Minute Facial + Turnaround Concentrate

For my skincare regimen,  I've been running with Clinique for the past 1.5 years. So far, I've been using Clinique's Turnaround Instant Facial and Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer for about 6 months now, and am now in the process of deciding whether I should repurchase...

Both the product sizes I have (shown in picture) are 30ml.

Turnaround 15-minute Facial

In the process of writing this post and hunting for a link online, I've realized this product is discontinued and replaced with a new Turnaround Instant Facial (which apparently takes 5 minutes instead of 15). This review is only for the 15-Minute Facial, which I understand can still occasionally be found at some online retailers.

For the 15-minute Facial, the description on an old Clinique review page reads:
Clinique’s gentle, effective microdermabrasion alternative. Instantly reveals brighter, smoother skin.
The consistency of the mask is quite thick and surprisingly has some shiny particles in the gel. It smooths easily onto the face and dries with a whitish cast after 15 minutes - in the meantime, my skin often feels like it's tightening up (I suppose that's the desired effect?). The mask does not have added fragrance, and smells quite pleasant.

Now, I initially had no idea how the mask was supposed to be removed. Some online sources suggested simply rubbing it off with my fingers. In areas where I had applied a thicker layer, rubbing with my fingers caused the mask to 'pill' and flake off. However the continuous rubbing (especially where I had a thinner layer of the mask) was quite tedious and ineffective, and felt like I was giving myself premature wrinkles.

So for the next application, I used a warm wet towel to slowly cleanse the mask off my face. This was a LOT easier. I should note that after my efforts at rubbing, I did consult a Clinique SA, who simply suggested that I wash it off my face. In all subsequent uses, I've just used a towel - so I can't really say which method is more effective (or whether it makes a difference).

RESULTS: Aside from the removal, my impression of the mask is pretty good. It does leave my face feeling quite soft and looking bright, and is best used before the Turnaround Concentrate. As far as long-lasting results are concerned, it doesn't seem to make a difference whether I use the mask or not - as long as I use the concentrate. Suffice to say I've had better experiences with Asian sheet masks.

Then again, perhaps the new Turnaround Instant Facial would be an improvement on this product - it currently retails for AUD$68 for 75ml.

Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer

Now THIS I like.

Description from the Clinique website:
A high performance exfoliant that prompts a multilevel renewal process that is time-released. Helps speed fresh, vibrant looking cells to the surface. Continually unveils brighter, more radiant skin through exfoliation. Leaves skin with a velvety feel, perfected look.
RESULTS: Velvety feel? Yes! Speeding fresh cells to the surface? Yes (if that means lightening dark pimple scars)! I've used more than half already, and initial results were really true to the description. I usually apply it at night under my moisturizer in the middle of the 3-Step Clinique Skincare Regime, and in the morning my skin feels soft and smooth. This product hasn't really done much for my pores, but saves the skin from looking dull and tired. I achieved best results by using it right after the mask - super smooth and supple skin!

However I suppose my skin has become accustomed in some way to the product, since recent usage has not worked its fading magic on any of my old pimple scars. The rest of the effects remain the same.

I haven't tried this as a primer of sorts, but I'm positive it can be used to wrestle flaky and uneven skin into submission. It also does have a sort of matte effect when you put it on, and the smoothness makes for a good base to apply your foundation.

Retails at AUD$88 for 50ml (not sure about the 30ml, sorry).

Even though I did get best results by using both the mask and concentrate in succession, I'm still more sold on the concentrate. Just because the soft velvety feel is ADDICTIVE. No really. If I touch my face any more my pores will scold me. Quite tempted to pick up another bottle in the near future!

Disclaimer - these products were purchased by myself for my own personal use; all views are my own opinion. 


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