Saturday, 8 October 2011

[Review] OPI: You're a Doll! (and other work-appropriate colors)

So, the time came to actually attend a graduate induction day. Since we're all human and because we all know that first impressions really do count (no, really), I did spend at least 30 minutes figuring out what to wear (tasteful and tailored black dress + pumps) and what not to wear (total bling). Then I realized I hadn't actually dressed my nails...

Oh the horror! Here were naked (but at least somewhat shaped) nails which had I purposely left bare after a particularly harmful newspaper-nail design. Scrabbling in my stash for something to slap on, I turned to OPI's You're A Doll! from the Toyland Collection.

You're A Doll! (HL 807). Forgive the chipping; didn't have the time nor presence of mind for a topcoat

Ahh. Dusty shimmery pink with powdery flecks of copper glitter. My fallback color whenever I need something a bit girly, but still understated enough to not distract people when I start gesticulating. Just a great semi-nude.

Application was faultless and foolproof due to the pro-wide brush. The only negative thought I have is that the consistency is pretty sheer - this was two coats and there's still quite an obvious  VNL. However I've accomplished opaqueness with at least 3 coats before; this was definitely a rushed job. Nonetheless it served its purpose and dried by the time I got to the venue!

Price: Gifted (by a male, pleasant surprise)
Bought from: Singapore

PS. Despite my complaint about sheerness, I guess it doesn't bother me as much since I've ordered It's Sheer Luck through a great friend in Singapore... Stocking up on work-wearable colors! ... At least until I find a team that will not raise their eyebrows at a full glitter nail.


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